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TESSA - document management system

TESSA is an ECM/BPM platform with a modern interface for creating high-performance solutions to automate workflow and business processes of companies in different business areas. It is an EDMS of a new generation.

General advantages of TESSA:

  • High operation speed — less than a second for all general actions: the system is optimized for work in the modern conditions of distributed networks, including unstable and slow connections
  • Modern and interactive user interface designed using the cutting edge technologies
  • Fully functional multi-platform web client
  • Wide range of system extensions’ setup and development capabilities on all platform levels, including the level of system tables’ fields, a well-balanced combination of visual customization and programming
  • Powerful role-based access to objects and functions subsystem: a hierarchy of simple roles, dynamically calculated and contextual roles
  • Great opportunities in terms of data representation: ordinary views, dependent views, subsets, programmed views
  • Ability to organize complex business processes with a graphic visualization of the process execution
  • Great capabilities of integration with other info systems
  • Secure data transmission via https, the ability to work through the Internet, including over VPN
  • The system is shipped with typical configuration included, which comprises different document kinds, settings and processes

Low cost of ownership, quick payoff of an implementation project ECM/BPM platform TESSA based on the practical experience of more than 150 EDMS implementation projects in companies of various sizes and different fields of operation.

Results of automation of document flow and business processes using ECM/BPM platform TESSA:

  • Optimization of approval time frame, document processing and business processes execution
  • Elimination of costs due to optimization of finding relevant documents, elimination of losses, savings on printing / storage / movement of paper documents
  • Continuous monitoring of execution and processing of documents
  • Transparency in automated processes
  • Improved manageability of the company

The solution based on ECM/BPM platform TESSA is elegant, fast, modern and interactive. Perfect internal architecture, flexible customization capabilities and advanced GUI technologies provide smooth and hitches-free operation of user’s workspace, as well as minimum application response time , even within the constraints of data channels.

Functional document management units which can be automatized with ECM/BPM platform TESSA:

  • Electronic archive of documents. The system is optimized to manage large amounts of data and great number of users
  • Automation of administrative office’s work
  • Registration of incoming and outgoing mail
  • Document scanning and making available to executives in electronic form
  • Monitoring of working discipline
  • Processes of approval of outgoing letters
  • Approval of contracts
  • Approval of payments
  • Organization of tender procedures
  • Coordination and monitoring of the execution of organizational and administrative documents
  • Processing applications / memos
  • Handling of complaints and claims
  • Work with the protocols of the meetings / collegial bodies
  • Human Resources and business processes (recruitment, dismissal, business trips, etc.)
  • Automation of the service desk
  • Processing of storage of the primary accounting documentation
  • Automation of the processes specialized in different business areas:
    • Automation of the settlement of insurance claims (insurance company)
    • consideration for the issuance of credit (banking)
    • procedure for opening new stores (retail)
    • launch of a new product unit (manufacture)
    • etc.